2021 ISN Conference & WRCCS School Development Day has ended
Equity and Engagement in our new Educational Environment.
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Learn how to become an Exhibitor

9th Annual National Virtual Conference on Educational Innovation

The Innovative Schools Network (ISN) invites your organization to join us on April 12-16, 2021 for our virtual conference. Initially scheduled for 3 days, we have decided to extend the conference for the entire week.

Access this growing market

Engage your company with innovative school educators from Wisconsin and beyond by being part of this conference. Each year, the number of schools focused on innovation and the students they serve grows by leaps and bounds. These schools and associated professionals are looking for tools and resources to fit their unique and expanding needs. They are seeking vendors like you.

Exhibit, Advertise, Sponsor or participate in all three to create a comprehensive and rewarding campaign, gain market share and establish your company as a leading resource to this innovative educational community.

Please email info@innovativeschoolsnetwork or call 608-509-8387 for more details.
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